Rachel Newbill

I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls, a worship leader and a fitness professional! I started teaching PIYO in 2016 and have since added Turbokick and Insanity to my certifications. I love to get a great workout and sweat like crazy! I am so blessed that I get to share that love with others and the opportunity to help others grow in their fitness journeys. When I was in college I found myself overweight and unhappy with my body and I decided that my only obstacle was myself! I started taking Zumba and fell in love with group fitness! I dropped 40 lbs in a year and have since kept the weight off! I love sharing my story, my struggles and journey with my classes! My classes are fun and full of energy and lots of laughter! Let's workout together!

Vicki Luu

I have been personal training and teaching group exercise for almost 10 years and have been on a fitness journey my entire life.  I have trained teens, prenatal and postnatal mothers, busy mothers & fathers, full time employees and stay at home moms, as well as seniors.  I want to help my clients reach their goals.  But even more, I want them to be healthy not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. 

I am the graduating class of ‘01 from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Kinesiology.  My goal was to become a physical therapist, but being a mother took precedence.  I have 4 children: 18yrs, 10yrs, and 7yrs and my 4yr old nephew whom I raise and love as my own.  I am also a military wife.  I understand and empathize the demands of life and encourage my clients to stay on course to be healthy no matter what life throws in their path.

My fitness journey began when I was a chunky kid. After being called names and noticing my weight in 6th grade was heavier than the other girls, my goal was to be skinny.  Knowing that exercise was important I began playing sports to be active.  I also learned how to make healthy choices when it came to eating. In my adult years, I have learned even more after my first son was born with a dairy allergy.  This forced me to become even more aware of food, calories (both quantity and quality), food allergies, and more. 

My desire to help people is evident in how much time & effort I give my clients, not just during training sessions but by the information I share on social media as well as personal contact made throughout the week to keep my clients accountable and motivated.

I am always excited to help others in their fitness and health journeys and I strive to teach others to be the healthiest and happiest all around person they can be.

As a group exercise instructor, I make a very purposeful and conscious effort to make sure that everyone in my classes are able to participate during the workout at all times.  Even if a class is high intensity.  Each individual has their own level of what is intense based on their age, size, weight, circumstance (injured, pregnant, etc.) and fitness level. All exercises have varying degrees of difficulty and intensity.  I make sure to give all of those levels whenever possible.

My goal for every class participant is to walk away feeling successful or at least motivated to keep coming.  

B.S. Kinesiology, Texas A&M University, Class of ‘01 NSCA - Personal Training AFAA – Group Training, Kickboxing, Step CPR, AED, First Aid

Melanie Offutt

Healthy living has been of interest to me since high school.  I constantly participated in athletics in high school but found myself searching for an “exercise program” that would spill over into my adult life.  Ten years ago, I began practicing yoga and fell in love with what it does for a person’s mind, body and soul.  I practice God focused yoga and truly believe that yoga is a great  way to grow old!

In July, 2015, I completed 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Austin, Texas and am certified as a Yin Yoga instructor, as well.  It is my desire to share this knowledge and skill with others to help them strengthen THEIR bodies, minds, and souls too. Almost everyone we meet these days needs an avenue to reduce stress and some anxiety that life can bring.  We all could strengthen our overall well-being while improving our physical balance and posture.  Yoga is one way to make this happen! I believe strongly that God created our bodies to move and breathe fluidly and we can use exercise to cleanse our minds and soul through God’s love and can be inspired to make positive life changes.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Abilene Christian University and has acquired many different teacher certifications since then. I teach art at Cy-Ranch High School and have a passion for these kids and enjoy living in the Cypress community. 

I have been married to my elementary sweetheart, Brian, for 23 years and we have three wonderful children: Nathan (22), Noah (20) and Hanna (16). Our family moved to Cypress in August of 2014 so that Brian could begin serving as the Minister at the West Houston Church of Christ. Brian has been in full time ministry for 20 years serving in multiple positions. 

Come join one of my yoga classes.  You will get a great workout and it will do your body and mind some good! 😊

Sierra Marlborough

I love to exercise! Actually, I love to exercise and dance and appreciate how it shapes the mind and body. I am a college student at Lone Star College but have always struggled finding a happy point with my body. In High School I found Color Guard, which changed my life. The program offered the opportunity to work with world class performers and the opportunity to gain a large amount of dance experience. Through hard work and dedication, I earned the position of the Captain of the Color Guard at Cy-Ranch High School.  Later, following graduation, I was then hired by Bridgeland High School to assist in building their program.

Working with the students has been amazing and I enjoy teaching the students new skills while also promoting challenges to build their inner and physical strength.

I have practiced and enjoyed Vinyasa Flow YOGA and dance classes for quite some time. Coming from a dance background, I also enjoyed the practice of  PiYo, with is a combination of Yoga and Pilates. 

Whether you are an athlete, trying to lose weight, or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, PiYo Live will help you achieve you’re goals. I have recently been certified by Beach Body Live to teach their rounds but I love to modify. While most of my teaching experience has been with younger students, I known how to make my class meet you’re personal needs, NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE!

PiYo is great for all ages because it provides a fun, low impact workout.

It is proven that exercise releases endorphins that make people feel happier, so come try out one of my classes in the Fairfield or Bridgeland locations!

Strength + Cardio + Flexibility = PiYo


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