Infusing fitness and nutrition into the Cypress community

Quick Core Nutrition Program


Holistic Clean Approach To Eating And Exercising TOGETHER WITH FRIENDS


Our program combines whole food nutrition, soul health, up to date education, support, accountability and sustainable exercise to start you on a lifelong change.


At Infuse we like to say,

"Getting healthy is an inside job!"

If you will start with your WHY, and be committed to the reasons you want to change, then we will make this journey together and it will be a success!


It is true that we all want to lose weight and be swimsuit ready,

but losing weight will be just ONE of the benefits of this three month plan.

 It is the positive results on the inside that will have you bragging to your friends at lunch.

How great will it be to have more energy, lean body mass, and YOU just having a "better mood" day?


Are you committed?  No more yo-yo diets and fluctuating lifestyles.

Contact Dr. Cook, our program director, for more information!

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​​​Quick Core Nutrition Program offers this and so much more

  • Program Direction by Dr. Beth Cook

  • Weight Management

  • Weekly Management & Coaching

  • Education & Health Coaching

  • Nurtitional Counseling & Weekly Education - in Fairfield

  • Includes seminars by local physicians on topics such as Aging & Nutrition, Cancer & Nutrition